Owen Fabrications Ltd provide a specialist welding service on-site nationwide. Our welding vehicles are equipped with welding power source for Manual Arc welding, Mig / Flux Core Wire welding.
We carry out structural repairs and alterations to Commercial Buildings, Bridges, Roof Structures and general repairs to steelwork.
All our staff are trained and qualified to BS EN 287 level together with relevant welding procedures.
Owen delivers high quality On Site welding and steel fabrication services quickly and efficiently.
We offer practical solutions for steel fabrication on issues in engineering, manufacturing and construction industries.

Stud Welding

In order to weld the stud, access is only required from one side which means that component handling is reduced. Welds are also leakproof and tamper proof, and since no holes are punched in the sheet, corrosion problems are reduced and the work piece is not weakened.

Stud welding can also be used on single sided pre-coated polished or painted materials. The fastener can be made from many metals or alloys.

Stud welding benefits: Fast attachment. No reverse marking. The welded joint is stronger than the parent material or the stud. Access is only required from one side. No holes hence no leaking or weakening of the sheet. Tamperproof. Pre-coated or painted materials can be welded. The equipment is portable and easily jigged. In fact Stud welding overcomes all of the disadvantages of the following problems.

Full Range of Welding

  • A full design, construction and installation service
  • An experienced team of trained and certified Operatives
  • A quality, customised and cost effective solution

Stud Welding

Stud welding is a fast, reliable and accurate method of welding a metal fastener to another metal object. The resultant weld joint is stronger than the stud or parent material. Improved product design is achieved since reverse marking is eliminated and the area around the stud is flat and clean.

Over 25 years Experience

Mobile Welding

Emergency repairs




Welding is the main focus of steel fabrication

Welding is the main focus of steel fabrication, the formed and machined parts will be assembled and tack welded into place then re-checked for accuracy. A fixture may be used to locate parts for welding if multiple weldments have been ordered. The welder then completes welding in line with engineering drawings.

When a demanding and challenging project requires structural steel fabrication, client's turn to our unmatched capabilities to meet their complex design-build requirements.

As the recognized industry leader in the fabrication, design, engineering, and erection of structural steel throughout London and the South east, the core priority of Owen Fabrications is to successfully exceed client expectation by focusing innovation,

knowledge and commitment on every commercial, industrial and public structure we assemble.

Owen Fabrications have the capability to supply our customers with a complete fabrication service.

We work with our customers to design their projects by visiting them on-site, discussing their needs and timelines.

After reviewing their demands, we then fabricate and test using our experienced engineers and up to date equipment. Finally, we install the project at our customer's location on time and within budget