On-site diamond core drilling

On-site diamond core drilling through reinforced concrete to customers specification and needs.

Diamond drilling is the most efficient method of forming holes and openings in a multitude of hard construction materials including reinforced concrete, brickwork and natural stone

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling can be carried out through virtually any thickness of wall or floor, the system is dust free and has a relatively low noise output.
Diamond core drilling produces a smooth positionally accurate hole through reinforced concrete, brickwork and many other types of stone, with an absence of dust and vibration.

Stitch drilling

Stitch drilling is a means of creating a large opening by diamond drilling a series of linked holes outlining the shape and size of opening required.

Using electric or hydraulic, powered drilling rigs can drill holes ranging from 12mm in diameter right up to 550mm in diameter.

London Diamond Drilling

The diamond drilling service has a wide range of applications from holes in walls and floors for services, to extracting concrete cores for these purposes.

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