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Temporary Works

Owen Fabrications can fabricate and install an array of temporary work solutions for the construction sector ranging from structural to demolition engineering projects.

Our highly trained team are both productive and efficient when constructing temporary works on site. Our work is always executed to the highest quality whilst adhering to tight health and safety procedures to ensure works happen at the right time, in the right location and are completed safely.

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Structural Propping Temporary Works

We are able to install systems to support the heaviest of loads with the use of heavy duty props with load capacities of up to 1000 kN (100 tonne) and fabricated structural steel beams of appropriate size.

We can support your project with services such as installing foundations, either piled or pad as well as managing any on-site welding or fabrication work you may need.

All our work is managed by our in-house team who are fully qualified and trained to handle heavy equipment and who have extensive experience working on complex projects and difficult site environments.

On commencement of a temporary works project we will manage a site and structural survey and produce risk assessments and method statements to safeguard that construction is managed to the highest standards of safety and service.

Our Structural Propping Service

  • Site and Structural Survey and Structural Calculations
  • Technical Specification / Risk Assessment
  • Design of Structural Propping Systems
  • Piled or Pad Foundation Installation
  • On-site Welding and Fabrication
  • On-site Steel Erection

Facade Retention

As a rule Façade retention structures are necessary to commence construction or reparation works.

At Owen Fabrications we have experience in supporting a number of projects with designing bespoke facAde retention systems used on listed building restorations and internal building re-structuring as well as rectifying the stability of a compromised façade.

To achieve retention we use structural steel to design and construct façade support systems which can restrain the most complex of buildings.

With the use of heavy duty legs with load capacities of up to 1000 kN (100 tonne), erected in towers braced to carry wind and construction loads, we are well equipped and experienced to support your construction project.

Our Facade Retention Service

  • Site and Structural Survey
  • Technical Specification / Risk Assessment
  • Bespoke Design Facade Support Systems
  • Piled or Pad Foundation Installation
  • Timber packing & protection
  • Vertical Supports to doorways and openings
  • Public Access protection

What is Temporary Works?

Temporary works are an engineered solution used to support or protect existing structures or to enable the permanent works to be built. In most cases the Temporary Works are removed after use such as excavation support and access scaffolds. However, on some occasions the Temporary Work is incorporated into the final construction, such as road foundations or piling platforms.

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